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A small company of comic book enthusiasts turned into a video game development company after one idea. That idea: connect with independent comic book publishers to build an all indie fighting game. Our team consists of dedicated people who believe in the vision of the project. We have artists, programmers, developers, and so much more. We love what we do and are excited about the VERSUS project. Continue through the website to see all the content and products Open World Comics has to offer and let us know what you think in the Forum section. 

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Versus is shaping up to be a very action packed Videogame filled with unique and powerful Indie created and published characters.

Round One


We've been taught that there are multiple universes; that time and space is infinite, carrying with it unlimited alternate realities. But that is not true. Time and space is in danger of collapsing.  In order to fix itself, the Universe has released Alpha and she is tasked with the responsibility of destroying alternate realities to save space. So she created a tournament where the strongest fighters from different realities can compete. The battle for space and time can begin. 


Round One


Serious about gaming? Looking for something new? More diversity?  Well, you’re in the right place. Take a look at the lastest game and reserve your copy today.  There is no limit when it comes to our imaginative games. Support Versus by pre-ordering your copy today!!!

                                        TECHWATCH COMIC SERIES

Are you a fan of indie comic books? If not, come look at what you've been missing.  Open World Comic Series, 'Techwatch' will definitely fill your action, science fiction needs. Techwatch is a dark military scifi that follows a paramilitary group of technology pirates that travel the world stealing ideas from the brains of geniuses; literally taking it from the minds. During a routine mission, Techwatch’s founder, Isaiah Grey, mistakenly unleashes a plague on the world that could mean extinction for mankind. The good guy becomes the bad guy making the bad guy that much worse. Techwatch is available for digital download and you can order it at your local comic shop. We are Diamond distributed. 

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