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Samoa Joe and Lesnar Feud Is Great Booking

Samoa Joe is being booked like a million bucks. On July 9th, he faces Brock Lesnar in one of the most anticipated matches of the year. From the day he came in, he conquered and dominated a lot of the competition. Last week, he chocked out WWE's resident walrus Paul Heyman to deliver a message to Lesnar that he is not afraid of him. Well, Brock got the message and this week, he came to face Samoa Joe and well, all hell broke loose. Lesnar and Heyman stormed to the ring and was in no mood to play or joke. He wanted Joe to come out so he could take him to Suplex City. Before Heyman could go on his rant, Joe came out and ran straight into Lesnar and the fight was on. The crowd roared in approval as these two big men fought it out exchanging blows. It got so out of control that referees were sent to break it up, but of course, referees cant control these two men so they were dispatched and thrown around quickly. Then, if that wasn't crazy enough, the whole roster was sent out to control these two wrestlers and it was just pure mayhem from beginning to end . The excitement to see Joe and Lesnar at great balls of fire ( a stupid name) is at a all time high and now we need to see where we go from here. So far, this feud is the only reason why I am still watching raw and it seems like based on the ratings, the people agree with me. The build for this feud is what WWE should be doing with all of the other feuds to bring back the excitement to raw. But, hopefully, this feud continues to get more energy and I personally cant wait to see the match.

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