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Roman Reigns Needs To Turn Heel

Roman Reigns needs to flip the script very soon, like now. One thing everybody can agree on is that he is a terrible face because he constantly gets boo'd out of the arena. A face is a wrestler who walks into any given arena and gets cheered by the majority of the people. If the crowd gets behind you, you are a face because of the support you have from the crowd. What was abundantly clear is that last Monday, Reigns was being demolished and torn apart by Braun Strowman and you would think that Reigns was the bad guy. The crowd was so behind Strowman tearing apart Reigns that it makes you question what the point of pushing Reigns as a top face. When Braun put Reigns in the back of that ambulance, it was pretty much a metaphor for his entire babyface run. Look at The Rock, he is one of the biggest stars of the company but he wasn't always like that. Back in the late 90s, when Rocky Mavia was a face and he was stale, boring, and quite frankly, not that entertaining. But, when he finally turned heel, it did wonders for his career. Crowds went into a frenzy and people paid tickets to see him get beat on. But, what happened, eventually, the crowd turned The Rock babyface and arguably became the biggest megastar in WWE history. The same thing for Reigns,turn this man heel so he can flip the wwe on its side and hopefully, he can come out better.

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