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Big Shows Interview Should Be A Warning To WWE

Big Shows recently did a interview with Chris Jericho on his podcast Talk Is Jericho ) a great interview by the way which everybody should go watch and listen to. In this interview, Big Show let his feelings known on how he feels about the tv specifically Monday Night Raw. In so many words, he perfectly summed up alot of fans feelings about the current state of raw. Here is some quotes from the interview with Chris Jericho-

“I love the live events; I love the Friday, Saturday, Sunday live event shows. I hate TVs. TVs I just want to bash myself in the head with a hammer, cause they’re just long, useless, time-wasting, bulls*** days where you sit around all day for some frickin’ idea that absolutely sucks. Debating it for hours, 17,000 different inputs, you know, one or two guys laced their wrestling boots up in their life and they’re talking, and the other ones have never laced up a pair and don’t know s***, but for some reason they’re telling you what to do. So, you’re just walking around baffled, going ‘why are we doing this?’”

Wow!, That is quite a statement that Big Show made about the current product. The mere fact that he dosent enjoy talking to the writers about the show because he knows their ideas is stupid. If one of the biggest stars in the past 20 years of WWE says that the TVs drive him up the wall is not a good sign for this product. Most fans who I talk to say the exact same thing, this show is complete garbage. Also, it seems like alot of people agree with Big Show because Raw keeps getting lower and lower with the ratings. The show is insufferable and the storylines are as exciting as watching paint dry. There are only so many times I can see 3 hours of filler and matches that are not even worthy of being seen on TV. Not only that, but the show feels like its a 6 hour show. I drift to sleep and wake up, the show is still on! Something about Raw needs to change because otherwise, you are going to see a drastic drop in the ratings and nothing will ever get better.

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