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Creating Video Game Animations

Video games are fun to make but not all the time. Understanding the necessary steps to making your character move and do all the fantastic things you imagine, is the difficult part. So lets start there. Despite the rumors, you don't need expensive software to create animations. Nor do you need millions of dollars. Everything you need is right in front of you and most if not all of it is free.

When I first started the Versus fighting game, I had no clue what I needed to start. One thing was sure though, I knew I was broke. So I searched the internet to find the necessary tools to at least get started.

The first tool I used was an android app called stick nodes to create a rough idea of what each move I imagined in my mind, would look like on a computer. Stick Nodes is a free android app that allows you to create animations using stick figures. Very easy to use and will definitely help you get the idea from your head to the real world quickly and seamlessly. Here is a look at the initial animation.

Then I stepped it up a bit and did a little sketch work. Be mindful of the minor changes made between each step. Remember what you start with may not be what you end with. Next I took the animation idea into blender and started fleshing it out. If you're not familiar with Blender it's a free software that allows you to not only create animations but you can also create models, rooms pretty much anything you think you will need in your game or animation.

I took the idea into Blender and I created the actual animations. This is when it really gets fun!

From there we exported the files as .fbx from Blender and imported them to the Versus fighting game project in Unity.

Within Unity, we synced the animation files to the character models in Unity (more on how to build the character models later).

Check out the final product below. We recorded a couple of rounds of game play for your viewing pleasure.

If you have questions feel free to join our forum and drop me a line. Also, check out VERSUS and all the content on our website. Buy a copy of the game for yourself, nieces, nephews or that neighbor who loves fighting games.

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