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Versus game update VS1-001

Versus is going through its growing stages, becoming better and better while providing players with a unique experience. The recently released update of VS1-001 is a step in that direction. The new update starts with the VS logo front and center. The flaming VS emblem will serve as a call to battle for those warriors that are up for the challenge.

In addition, we are bringing the Heroes and Heroines in the game front and center. Versus ethos is to create a game where indie developers can showcase their characters and their comic book origins. To fulfill this purpose, we included the comic book covers in the character select screen.

The final update and the most fun, is the ability to customize the characters. It is important that we maintain the character’s originality but give players more control over options like power moves, costumes, intros and outs to begin their battle. This allows the player to custom fit a fighter to their style of gameplay. You can choose special moves that fit either long range or close combat.

I hope you enjoy the updates and I look forward to reading your feedback.

Look out for the next update where we implement destructible stages. Be sure to share and tell your friends about our game available now on Steam!