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Diversity in Gaming? It is About Time

Not enough diversity in comics? In gaming? Women not represented in either? Versus Fighting Game, Round 1 has all of the above!!! Open World Comics decided it was time to stop waiting for a handout!

The creator, Radi Lewis, began this game over 2 years ago and reached out to his circle of independent comic book publishers of color to add their characters to the game. It didn’t take much convincing because each recognized the importance of this project and what it can mean to an unrepresented community.

Versus combines the use of programs like Unity, Blender, Maya and Autodesk to create a sophisticated fighting game. The creator credits these programs in making game development accessible for independent publishers. Working as a one-man operation, Mr. Lewis developed basic knowledge of all the programs used in creating the game but hired developers, when money allowed, for the more complicated aspects of the game.

What you have here is amazing content, consisting of characters of color, created by comic book publishers of color. Isn’t that what you asked for?

Reserve your copy today:

Review some of the publishers starring in the game.


Jason Reeves


Rashida Lewis

Hooded Cobra

Rob Hicks


William Satterwite

Agent 21

Radi Lewis


Milton Davis

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