Versus Round 2  is the first of many games to be created using the Fighters Requiem game engine.  This round of Versus is a card based fighting game starring independently published comic book characters. Because we are building a brand like Mortal Combat and Street Fighter, we will use the same premise across all current and future games. The goal of Versus is to bring as many independently published characters together from different universes to showcase their abilities and bring entertainment to current and future fans. This game will be a 2d style game, packed with specials, blocks and supers, couple that with the in-game comic shop and Versus will be offering unlimited hours of fun!

We need your help!

The engine base is created using Unity. We currently have a dedicated programmer who is solely working on this project. Currently we are adding more logic to the game from strategies we think the characters will need to employ to be true to their IPs. Along with logic, we are adding sound and graphics to make the game immersive.  We are providing, upon pledge goal completions, ports to different systems like Android, IOS and Windows mobile, more player decks, stand alone card packs and definitely Multiplayer. The card packs will have special cards specific to card types. To make the game play deep we need to create hundreds of cards; so you can imagine we will be pushing cards out monthly.



Future updates-

  • Local Multiplayer

  • Online Multiplayer

  • Leader Boards

  • Scoring system

  • Comic Shop

  • Special move editor

  • Game Shop

  • Mobile Version

  • Different game modes

  • Artwork for cards

  • Visual Effects


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